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Leadership Matters

Chartisha Roberts is a Hazel Dell resident and experienced professional in human resources and administration. With more than thirteen years’ experience in the healthcare and transportation sectors, Chartisha currently works in human resources recruitment for Legacy Health Systems.

Her strong professional background in leadership development informs Chartisha’s perspective on county governance. She knows that the best leaders strive for collaboration, inclusion, and accountability, and she has direct experience applying these skills in her own work and bringing them forward in others.

In addition to her professional work, Chartisha serves her community as a youth mentor, in children’s book banks, helping food-insecure families, in Vancouver Public Schools, and more, all while teaching her son the same spirit of service.


Her policy priorities will be promoting and supporting public health, building a strong local economy, taking an active role in addressing homelessness and affordable housing, and planning a community that works for people of all ages, incomes, and abilities.

 I have always sought out ways to contribute to my work and my community, collaborating with others to evaluate what we are doing and develop ways to continually improve. I look forward to working with the council and constituents to bolster and improve Clark County for the benefit of all of its residents.

~ Chartisha Roberts

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