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Affordable Housing

As Clark County has grown, housing has becoming increasingly scarce. Our most vulnerable residents are in crisis, and mid-income residents are feeling the pinch, too. Clark County needs to work for ALL us, not just those who can afford higher prices. The county must continue to work on developing policies that encourage new construction of affordably-priced homes, while also taking an active role in permitting and zoning that will allow for a mix of housing types to better meet all of our community’s needs.

Public Safety

The Clark County Council must adequately and appropriately fund the Sheriff’s Office, and it must also demand accountability from the Sheriff, to ensure that deputies in all branches have the support, resources, and training to do their jobs properly and safely. In 2022, the county council has finally started work on solving jail space needs, and I support the efforts to remodel or reconfigure the outdated and dangerous jail so that it is safe for inmates as well as employees. At the same time, we must work to improve, grow, and strengthen incarceration alternatives like diversion programs and therapeutic courts, so that people who do not need to be in jail can more quickly re-enter society and become contributing members.


Our transportation infrastructure has suffered years of neglect, which increases expenses, decreases productivity, and hinders quality of life. Clark County must continue to work toward a complete transportation future, which includes a functional I-5 crossing, increased and increasingly efficient public transportation, “Complete Streets” which make roads and sidewalks manageable for all modes of transportation, and planning that considers the future, not just what we have now.


Shortages of affordable housing combined with increased demand on social service agencies have led to a crisis of houselessness that can be seen every day in Clark County. This is a problem that affects all of us. The unhoused need places to live and services to help them become self-sufficient. The housed need to know that their streets and parks and backyards are safe and clean and welcoming. We all deserve to live in a community that is accessible to us.

Jobs and Economy

Clark county needs to be a place where businesses of all sizes can thrive. We must support policies that encourage growth and innovation, attracting new businesses to the region while also supporting the businesses that are already here. Businesses in Clark County need to know that they can get permits quickly, navigate regulations and red tape easily, and find top-quality employees at all levels. I will support Clark County working with local employers and educational institutions to invest in workforce training, apprenticeship, and education.


Clark County needs strong, nonpartisan leadership now more than ever. I have spent my entire professional career listening first and seeking to understand, to find common ground even where there are disagreements. Whether grappling with difficult and contentious issues or difficult and contentious personalities, I have the patience, composure, and experience to help lead the county to better outcomes.

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